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Edition 1 first pics

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Now that looks seriously awesome!

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Vehicle Car Automotive design Personal luxury car Mercedes-benz

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Center console Mercedes-benz

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Personal luxury car
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I don't think Australia gets Edition 1. I almost want to cry. Everyone will have the Cirrus white with Carbon fibre accessories. Would have loved this.
that is sick!!!!! But white looks classy. A younger 25 - 30 this is an amazing look and a great car. I need a classyer look though this will turn my head when it goes by. Still have to stick with the white
I seriously like that and it seems to include all the options I would order except the break calipers in red and that's only because 300 notes seems a lot for a bit of paint.. Although as an overall pack it works.
only excited because it means i may finally get to see a grey one soon on the webs
Can anyone confirm that is Mountain Grey?
How much is this? And does it really come with recaro seats included?
Wait this car has amg badge on the rear. Are you sure this is the cla250?
Does Australia get the A45 Edition 1? Hopefully if we get this, then we get the CLA Edition 1...
It is not cla 250. it is cla45 amg edition 1
that is a 45 amg not a 250. that is the edition 1 for the cla 45 amg. that is a bad looking car
What I love the most is the all black rims. I'm not a fan of that polished lip on the standard black rims. If we don't get the Edition 1, I wonder if I can get the rims all black as an option or after market????

I think from memory the Edition 1 would command about a $7,500 to $10k premium over the standard model, but I could be completely wrong.
I can't seem to find any information on this car..
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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