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Hi All,

I made an account simply for this issue...

I was driving down the road and had the prompt show on the dash “Right Dipped Beam” meaning it has gone out, which it has...moments later I got more messages for bulbs that have gone...

Non Working lights:
Right dipped beam
Left+Right daytime running lamps
Left+Right Indicators

Working lights:
Left dipped beam
All interior and rear lights

The lights all work fine (bar the Right dipped beam) up until you start driving, then they all go off.
Weirdly, there is no prompt to tell me the indicators are faulty until you try to use them. Once you use the indicator you get the warning e.g. “Left Indicator” to tell me that the indicator isn’t working, but when checking after the message pops up it works fine, apart from the arrow-light and clicking sound of the indicator being faster than usual.

I’ve checked fuses in the footwell and in the engine compartment but they all look okay. Will try the dead right dipped beam in the good side to see if the bulb still works, as it seems more of a wiring issue...

Has anyone else had similar problems?
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