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We used to half joke about German car manufacturers using the owners to shake out their design flaws part due to their relatively low production volume - hence the NEVER purchase a new first year model or first year production used car policy from us long time German car owners which included a few Mercedes sales representatives.
I figured with computer simulation and much much higher production, they have had this issue covered. But may be not. Here we see so many forum members ( myself inclusive ) dying to get the very first CLA class perhaps not knowing we may be the test subjects buying potential problems ridden first year, completely new cars built in a completely new manufacturing facility. I am just remembering how horrible the first ML320s were in the 90's built in the new ? Alabama plant. It took years for that car to get off the Consumer Report's black-list and I am hoping the CLA will not be joining that list...
The Gyor, Hungary plant isnt new..they have been making the A class for a while now. Its a bit surprising to see these kinds of problems crop up....hmmn. It might be better to wait a year and see how things shake out...
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