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My dealer had cars to show Monday, 9/23, and my wife and I went down to see them.
Expected to be super-excited with a 45 on order, but have to admit I was a little let down.
Car appears SMALL. Definitely shorter than I expected.
Now I know why they show it in white - looks larger. Black looked tiny - and all my vehicles are black.
Ash interior was gorgeous - basically off-white. Seats felt great - especially in front.
Interior is cozy, intimate - not spacious. Fine for me, Mrs. not so much.
Car is for her and she's having second thoughts.
Plan to return in a few days to drive back-to-back with GLK she is also considering.
Suggested she wait for GLA 45AMG as best of both worlds, but she doesn't want to wait that long.
She wants to drive Tesla now also!?!
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