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I have been struggling with how bad the ride quality is in my CLA her in Pennsylvania. I bought the car because I love the look of my 2014 CLA! I think it may be the best styled Mercedes, however the ride over bumps is horrible, and embarrassing to passengers. The vehicle has the sport package and run flat tires. I’m wondering if anyone had any luck with different tires to soften the harsh ride? If anyone lives in PA where roads are horrible that be even more helpful! Any help will be appreciated! I want to keep the car but if I can’t get it to drive a bit softer I may need to trade it.
Imo 2014 cla's are like that. I had the first cla when they came out and the ride wasnt that smooth. But you know... it is a sports coupe so i didnt expect it to ride like a luxury. Its a low end benz so you have to be reasonable ?. I lease a 2018 cla now and the ride is much more smooth. Maybe they were working out the kinks ... but i do recognize a big difference. Cant wait to see what 2020 or 2021 feels like. Im already im love with interior upgrade!
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