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I managed to persuade the DVLA to issue a number that is ideal for a CLA 250E. They will release a number if it has not previously been issued if you ask them to, as long as it is not a “banned or offensive” number.
They then put it in one of their regular online auctions.
So when they did this for me I managed to be the highest bidder. Unfortunately I no longer own the CLA 250E (nothing wrong with the car but I sold it for financial reasons.)
The number is on retention and I am looking to sell it for a tiny bit more than it cost me but for a lot less than its value.
For £1,200 you could have a very distinctive number (UK only) on your CLA 250E.

The registration number is
CLA 250E !!!!!!!!!!!!

I want it to go to a CLA 250E owner rather than to someone who just wants to make a profit.So whoever buys it will have to let me assign it to their car so that I know it is going to an owner.

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