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Gearbox oil expire date

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Hi guys
Since my car has reach to 40000 km i have to change the gearbox oil
I bought this oil last month and today I checked the label date and it’s said03/21
Can i use this oil ? Is it safe or i should change it with the new one?


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Looks like a pack date IMO.
We'll see if the Members disagree.
Yes it’s pack date and i think it’s same with the produce date
its a label date (date manufactured)not expiry so cant see why not after all its not been used
I live in iran, in here this kinds of thing are normal because of very difficult import law
I just want to know that is it still usable or not?
Guys is this a wrigh dipstick for measuring the cla gearbox oil level?
yeah looks about right
i trimmed mine to suit the dip tube
Is there any sign or part number or anything.. for being sure?
1 - 5 of 14 Posts