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Definitely a asset to us; thanks!
Not sure that it's that much of an asset as the prices are German prices and bear no reality to the US prices (hopefully). Without knowing the US prices it basically only tells you what options are available - in Germany.
Notable in the German options are Turbo Diesel models, would like, and manual transmissions, far better.
Ran the configurator for a pretty basic CLA250 and came out at 46.868,15 euros. That would appear to say the price in Germany excluding the 19% vat that the configurator added is approx 39,100 euros or in US$51,224.
As the rumoured base price in the US is meant to be around $27k it would seem that MB are discounting the Euro to about $0.90 rather than the true exchange of 1 euro to $1.30
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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