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Hi all,

Unfortunately, I’ve run into some moisture issues with my passenger side headlight which has led to me getting the active inoperative headlights error message on the dash and right low beam out.

the DRL and turn signal still work but after some investigation somehow the backing cover for the DS3 low beam cover access was loose so I’m guessing that’s where the water came from.

I had no luck with a new bulb and switching bulbs from the driver side to passenger side didn’t work. I then checked the fuses in the engine bay but no luck there either.

I don’t have a multimeter but after running a scan was able to pick up the following codes:


I haven’t found much literature on the internet regarding any of the above codes. After some googling/YouTube I went ahead and ordered a new ballast ($35) on Amazon which I’m still waiting to arrive.

Before the ballast arrives and have to go ahead with removing the bumper (in winter) reaching out to:

A. Get more insight on any of the above error codes or does that look like a ballast fix (I figure the codes for the driver side light is when I switched bulbs in testing

B. How can I best clear the moisture out of the headlight? If I was to get a heat gun blow drying to the low beam bulb area would that be enough access to dry out the moisture of the entire headlight? Or would I have to bake and open?

C. Do the DRL and turn signal in the headlight operate differently from the ballast?

any help and insight appreciated. 2014 and still running strong just the minor headaches are the ones that cause the most frustration.

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ballast / harness / bulb / bulb connector / cap seal / grounding
seems those are the obvious error points to look at
also look for bits of corrosion at any of the elex points
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