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2016 CLA 250 2.0L 4matic
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Hello everyone,

I've had my 2016 CLA 250 4matic for 2 years now and I've lurked on here quite a bit in the past but no more! It's also got the AMG package so it's got the aggresive styling, bucket-like leather seats, and a 1" drop in the front suspension.

I've kept the mods pretty mild:

- K&N panel filter
- Ventus Autoworks Front Splitter
- Vicrez splitter winglets
- cheap amazon adhesive rear lip spoiler
- tail light tint

The front splitter makes a very minor, appreciable difference in high speed handling and stability (maybe like 100ish lbs of downforce..?) Definitely worth for the looks and the cornering potential on a FWD-based AWD system 馃槣

Anyway, look forward to posting on here some more!


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That splitter does do a bit at speed
Though it is a great scraper saver for the front valence
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