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As you might guess from my screen name, I'm a (nondenominational) pastor and (college) professor ... both part-time, since I'm semi-retired.

My current set of wheels are attached to a 2005 Jaguar X-Type VDP edition--my third Jaguar X-Type. In between, I was the proud owner of one of the first Mercedes C-300 4-Matic's to hit the US back in 2008. I really regret selling that gorgeous machine as I truly loved its look, its feel, and its ride. But I did learn a valuable lesson: Mercedes -- especially new introductions -- hold their valuable and can even appreciate! My C300 was introductory priced (like the CLA) @ $29,900. With the 4-Matic and all its bells and whistles, I ending up paying about $34,500 for mine. Three years and 28,000 miles later, I sold it to CarMax in Wisconsin for $28,500. Not bad. Now, I still see low mileage, 2008 C300's in good condition fetching nearly $25,000.

I'm hoping that the same will happen with the new 2014 CLA class. I've learned my lessons, though: this baby will be a keeper! :)



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