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I like... a lot!

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Been shortlisting a great many rides as of late, for latter spring / early summer purchasing. Well, looks like I'll have to wait till early Fall (at best), ha! :D

I'm gonna look into getting into a CLA, if it's as-described (only seen the Sport package pics, wonder what it looks like w/o such) & the as-equipped price doesn't get bloated (not really keen towards spending near pre-TTL ~$40k on a subcompact 4-banger).

Seems like the Premium package will be "forced" upon us as others have alluded to. I just want the dual-zone climate control & Harman Kardon sound-system out of all that. Guess that I'll have to opt for it (~$2,200?).

I will ponder the presumably optional Xenon-HID & LED-day headlights (~$850?). I'd consider a quality plug-&-play after-market HID kit for the stock projectors, but I'm unsure of the LED drive-lights in the headlight (do they only come w/ the optional factory Xenon-HID headlights or they're also in the likely standard halogen headlights)?

Likewise for the panoramic glass moonroof (~$1,450?), gonna have to check it out in-person. I really don't care for moonroofs (added weight, diminished headroom), but a glass-like canopy would be rather cool!

If the non-Sport package offering looks very plain & ordinary, I'll have to go for the Sport package(~$2,000?). The side-skirts, rear bumper & valance, and front bumper & lip all look pretty neat & aggressive. The further accented interior can get interesting, I guess.

I assume a paint-finish that I fancy will be additional (~$950?), grrr... :p

Gonna give a pass on all the other stuff. I wonder if pre-ordering/dealer-spec'ing can permit a more bespoke delivery (options I want more-so than packages). Will visit the North Austin / Georgetown area dealer tomorrow. Again, I'm not all that smitten enough (yet) to go above pre-TTL ~$35k for wanting just 2-3 things but having to pay for 20-30 things! :eek:

Any idea on the interior colours for the leather & panels/dash? I know of the trim finishes being offered. I'm actually real keen towards the piano lacquer black finish (which may be standard?), I loved it on the Designo spec'd CLS models.

So, that's that! :cool:
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Welcome to our Forum Osiris X11
really nice first post ;) and im sure you will get lots of responses soon...
enjoy the ride.... lol

Hello Osiris, welcome to the site. You can check out the ordering PDF here and it shows some really good pictures of what the car looks like with vs. without the sport package... #post641
Welcome Osiris!! I see that El Chorizo already hooked you up with a link to the PDF. Enjoy the forums!!
Hello and welcome to the forum!

Looks like you know what you are looking for in your CLA!
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