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Been shortlisting a great many rides as of late, for latter spring / early summer purchasing. Well, looks like I'll have to wait till early Fall (at best), ha! :D

I'm gonna look into getting into a CLA, if it's as-described (only seen the Sport package pics, wonder what it looks like w/o such) & the as-equipped price doesn't get bloated (not really keen towards spending near pre-TTL ~$40k on a subcompact 4-banger).

Seems like the Premium package will be "forced" upon us as others have alluded to. I just want the dual-zone climate control & Harman Kardon sound-system out of all that. Guess that I'll have to opt for it (~$2,200?).

I will ponder the presumably optional Xenon-HID & LED-day headlights (~$850?). I'd consider a quality plug-&-play after-market HID kit for the stock projectors, but I'm unsure of the LED drive-lights in the headlight (do they only come w/ the optional factory Xenon-HID headlights or they're also in the likely standard halogen headlights)?

Likewise for the panoramic glass moonroof (~$1,450?), gonna have to check it out in-person. I really don't care for moonroofs (added weight, diminished headroom), but a glass-like canopy would be rather cool!

If the non-Sport package offering looks very plain & ordinary, I'll have to go for the Sport package(~$2,000?). The side-skirts, rear bumper & valance, and front bumper & lip all look pretty neat & aggressive. The further accented interior can get interesting, I guess.

I assume a paint-finish that I fancy will be additional (~$950?), grrr... :p

Gonna give a pass on all the other stuff. I wonder if pre-ordering/dealer-spec'ing can permit a more bespoke delivery (options I want more-so than packages). Will visit the North Austin / Georgetown area dealer tomorrow. Again, I'm not all that smitten enough (yet) to go above pre-TTL ~$35k for wanting just 2-3 things but having to pay for 20-30 things! :eek:

Any idea on the interior colours for the leather & panels/dash? I know of the trim finishes being offered. I'm actually real keen towards the piano lacquer black finish (which may be standard?), I loved it on the Designo spec'd CLS models.

So, that's that! :cool:
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