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My name is David Newman and I run the digital marketing for Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire.

Please feel free to ask me any question regarding the CLA and if i cant answer it then i'm sure i'll be able to find an answer.

For more information on the CLA please feel free to visit: New Mercedes CLA Class For Sale - Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire

Images on the CLA: New Mecedes CLA Class Images

videos on the CLA: New CLA Class Video

information on the CLA 45 AMG: New Mercedes CLA 45 AMG For Sale - Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire

Please do keep in touch and I hope you find these links helpful.

David Newman

David Newman - United Kingdom | LinkedIn

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Nice to see you here at this forum!

I own a CLA, love the car but I have just one question..

- What about the iPhone 5 media interface connection? I payed for the iphone option and its not working well on the iphone 5.. I wanted to see my video's from it.
- How can you see the video from and older ipod? I only hear sound. It should like it is advertised (screenshot: )
- I have also an video aux cable, but can't see anything with it (sound is static.) connected it with Hama 3,5 jack video cable to my ipad 30 pin AV cable

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Hi David,

Can you tell me a bit more about the painting process of the Designo colors (like Patagonia red for CLA).

I heard so many conflicting stories why its special.
- Designo paint with mother of pearl effect ?
- Painted seperatly from normal and metallic colors ?
- Longer bake / dry time then other colors ?


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