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Hi All,

Quick intro thread...I'm 37, married, and have a (nearly) 2yr old son. I'm currently leasing an Acura TSX which is due up in spring 2014. Wife has a 2012 Audi Q5 6cyl, and I also have a 2006 Porsche Boxster S. She had an A4 prior to the Q5, and we've come close to buying a C-class MB twice. Prior to all that, I was in the car business (family owned Saturn dealerships) so hadn't had to buy cars until a few years ago.

With the baby, the Porsche is useless, and while I love the Acura I don't want another of the same car. While I'm considering a number of cars, I am leaning towards either a CLA250 and keeping the Boxster, or selling the Boxster and getting a CLA45 AMG or BMW 4-series convertible with the M-sport package. Very much undecided at this point...

Anyway, great site, and thanks for having me.

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Welcome Endaar! Sell the Boxster and snatch up the CLA45 AMG!!! No brainer :)
Hello!! I'm new here and I hope this forum would be a remember-able for me!
Bracksonwilles-I think the work you are looking for is memorable!
Welcome to the forums! I've got little ones in the house, too. Mine are now 6 and 8 though. If you're anything like my family you use the Q5 any time you're out with your wife and son and your car is mostly for carrying just you or you and your son when you're taking him somewhere alone. We basically live in our Pilot on weekends. I'm don't know where you're located but if your Boxster just sits unused gathering dust 99% of the year it might be worthwhile trading it in (while it still has some value) along with the TSX and, instead, considering a CLA45, 3/4 series or whatever. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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