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I just installed one the other day and got it specifically to run gauges using autometer's obd2 dashlink 2 reader, but besides that i can say i have to agree it gets old a bit fast. The perks are in the apps you can run really, movies and such and hooking up a camera to record track videos on or whatever. Those gauges on the screen in your picture are just speedo and rpm, which you have right in front of you in the cluster. You'll find the redundancy is a bit useless...which is why I opted to run the reader to put other gauges into play since im running a stage 2 tune. Its a bit of a pain to get going bc the bluetooth with the screen doesnt pair right up with the reader. I had to download a separate bluetooth pairing app, and then have to unpair and re-pair it everytime i want to use it. However when its up and running its pretty awesome.

Besides that, if youre fairly handy it was pretty easy to install. I got the 12.3inch, android 11 version from roadtop. It can be a bit finicky messing around with the settings to get it to work how you want it to. the manual has some info to get you going, and youtube seems to have a lot of info as well. the install took me about 4hrs, some people less but I like to take my time and followed along with some videos.
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