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Hey guys, Received the following email from my dealer today.

Looks like they are getting good facts and stats from Merc in Germany. Anyone got any new updates?

Do we all think the only options will be the 3 the same as the A45?

Our first A45 AMG is about to be built, we expect it to arrive early September, maybe even sooner if we are lucky. This car will of course be our demonstrator, so it will be available for you to drive when it arrives.

The expected on sale date of the CLA45 AMG is October, assuming that Mercedes Benz stick to this timing, you should be driving your car in October. The very first cars will as usual be dealer allocation.

In regards to a full deposit, your place is secured with the $1,000 deposit you have already placed, I will ask for the remainder when we are allocated concrete production dates. As yet, the car isn't even in the system.
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