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Thanks to Activ8 at VWVortex for posting these up. Apparently there is a CLA45 at his workplace and he was able to tell us a bit about it and snap a picture...

He had the following to say:
Active8 said:
So folks, here are 2 pics of the AMG CLA45's rear end at their facility in Redford yesterday. The base CLA & the AMG differ in several ways, but for company confidentiality clauses, I can't post pics

Basically, the CLA base versions will have the gear selectors on a column mounted stalk, while the AMG version gets a centre-console stubby-stalk (PRND). Both have paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

And both have a tacky-looking navigation screen retro-fit onto the dashboard which looks cheap unlike Audi's in-folding nav-screen. But the CLA45 sounds and drives awesome!!

MB has to have a premium price to reflect their premium brand. Plus this is an AMG car.

All that said, I think the silhouette is ugly and I can imagine how cramped you could be in a 3/4 scale CLS.
ummm ... actually it's going to be closer to 55k+ pricing. And the rear seat room isn't as bad as you might imagine (like say, the amputee-only rear of the BMW 3 series convertible). The headroom is claustrophobic and you will most surely hit your head when getting into the rear.

The elimination of the B-pillar extension of both doors to full height was a novel feature though and probably contributes to the overall Cd of only 0.23 which is a production car record. The Bluetec version will probably beat that for a 0.22Cd
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