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At the risk of repeating or boring you with the same topic, for those that can't have access to the CLA here are my impression after doing two test drives at two different dealership (none had the Sports version for test drive yet).

Cars tests: White Basic with 18" rim, Red BAsic with 17" rim, also saw the Black in Basic and Sport, and the Mountain Grey Sport model

Color: By far the Mountain Grey (Sport) was the best looking of them all, Black looks too small and the red or white were not as eye catching since there were not metallic colors
Size: It was what I was expecting on the exterior, inside I found more cramped than I expected
The GAP: Is worst than I expected based on pics posted earlier..not a deal breaker for me
Suspension/Ride Comfort: For me 17" was border line to be uncomfortable, 18" was perhaps too rough for a long trip, version is SO MUCH BETTER looking, that I may sacrifice comfort for looks (it is that much different!!)
Transmission : A bit of lag on first and second...then it takes off, much better on Sports mode, I will probably ride the car in Sports most of the time. The car has enough power for what I need (not racing it, just a nice commuter)
Visibility: Very poor, I think a Nav and Blind Spot assist will be a must for me
Pano: The Mountain Grey had it, and looks VERY nice, however, I live in Houston, and very rarely I use in my current car
Harman Kardon Audio: Very Good, this upgrade is a must for me
Back seat space: I am 6' 2" and my head was touching the roof.....if you have family with big kids, this is not your car.....mine are grown up already and no issue in that chapter
Overall, IMHO this is probably the best looking car you can buy in the range of 30-40K, coupled with its fuel consumption and the overall performance and safety features...for me is a no brainer.....Well done Mercedes... !!!!
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