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hey guys... hopped on this forum since i have my eyes on the CLA as my next platform...

about me.. i've been through probably 20+ cars int he past 8 years anything from lamborghini to mercedes to bmw to lexus and now even a prius...
past few years ive been a loyal toyota / lexus fan and have built some interesting cars for SEMA and display with my sharpie lexus / graffiti lexus to be the most intersting..
here are some photos of what i did in the past


Unfortunately i got in a unavoidable car accident a few months ago and totaled this car...

I currently have a 2006 IS350 (same platform as above) but it is a one off Tom's Supercharged "IS45" in the USA. Only 15k miles.. that currently is parting so I can start building a CLA once received.

Just wanted to say hi and i've made some amazing friends in the lexus community and i hope i can meet some good friends here too..

I have my eyes set on a red CLA... and my plan is to send the car to LA to get a full custom kit made - along with a new paint job... sounds like a crazy idea, painting a new car... but yah. crazy is normal for me :)

hope to meet some of you guys soon!
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