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Hey everyone !!

Another new member here !! Just joined today to watch the updates of this new and sexy ride !!! Can't wait to start seeing others start buying and sharing their new rides once it comes out later this year !!

I dont think I'll be fortunate enough to purchase one anytime soon but I can watch from afar in envy haaa !!! I'm sure the demand for this will be tremendous since it's a very nice looking car and at a very decent price at that !!!
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Welcome AngPogiAko!! There's nothing wrong with hanging out with a community of enthusiast. There's quite a few forums that I belong to that I don't actually own the vehicle, but love talking about them. So enjoy your stay with us! It's going to be fun :)
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Welcome to the site -- and remember, we just want people who are car nuts here. Doesn't matter if you have end up getting a CLA or not... as long as you are into cars like us, we will all get a long just fine! :)
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