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Yea, the CLA really caught my eye this week. Before, I wouldn't even have given Mercedes a second look.

I can't figure out the Mercedes brand. I know in California both young and older people drive them. But here in Connecticut it's mostly just older people (and inner city Bridgeport & Hartford crack-head gangbangers). It's viewed as the German equivalent to Lincoln. It's just weird to see somebody younger than 55 years old driving a Mercedes when I visit California. Funny how brand perceptions vary from state to state.

But aw heck, I like the CLA design and am now considering one. I was checking out a CLS at a dealership today and that thing looks too much like a bloated land yacht. I think the CLA size and proportions are just right.
im currently living in california near Sony Studios... everyone here drives either a Honda or Mercedes... lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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