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P25pkg details / performance suspension

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Hi, Just had a question at the end of this to see if anyone had any insight. First, my understanding is the AMG gets 486 - Sport Suspension as standard equipment.

For the P25pkg - AMG Driver's Package (optional $2,800) you get the following:

492 - AMG Performance Suspension with Stiffer/Firmer Dampening Characteristics
251 - Increased Top Speed to 167mph
U70 - Red Calipers
and one of the following
780 - Silver 19-Inch 16-Spoke Alloy
787 - Black 19-Inch 16-Spoke Alloy

My question is because of the high price of the package (calipers and wheel upgrades alone are $300 and $850 respectively); what exactly goes into the AMG Performance Suspension to make up for the higher value? One would think stiffer/firmer dampers wouldn't be so costly.

My dealer doesn't know anything... Maybe it's too early to tell? Thanks!

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I'm buying the car withouth the AMG package. I've let the dealer just order the 492 option separately. It costs here €1300,- which isn't that bad if you compare that to K&W sets or others.

They will order it when the car is here. You can also just buy H&R lowering springs for €350,-, but yeah it's not the same as a full set.
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