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Picked up my cla 180 white Amg pan roof !

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Hi guys picked up my car yesterday


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hey Mark, I've recently ordered a white amg sport 220cdi and have doubts about the colour. this photo looks amazing, i have spec'd it with pan sunroof, amg exclusive package with black side mirrors and am worried it'll look a bit naff in the flesh since i haven't seen it in white as yet. u a happy camper with the white paintwork?
Hi V Man!!
there's a white one in every showroom now - most also have Mountain Grey too.
I waited to see the white before ordering but have gone with my first choice which was Jupiter Red, my spec' is: CLA 220d AMG Jup Red, Pan Roof, Memory Pack, Storage Pack Becker Nav, Rear arm rest and Heated screen pack.
Shame they havent gone with the A & B Class met blue - that would have been awesome!!

The whites a good colour but will be common - most MB's are white, black or grey!!


Hi guys picked up my car yesterday
Thats my color! Congratulations! Where are you located Mark?
hey Gary, the showroom near me has a northern lights violet or something like that , mountain grey and polar silver, the latter looking really pretty, but i currently have a c-class in palladium silver, wanna move away from that really. i also have the memory pack, intelligent light system, night package, drive-kit plus for iphone and heated f-seats, didn't give the r-arm rest a thought.... hmmmm....
Hi yes mate the white looks fantastic! The pan roof sets it off with the black mirrors and privicy glass! The grey is also nice but most Mercs you see are grey or silver , white is my first choice loving it ! Picked mine up from Mercedes Ayr in Scotland
Uk Scotland
Nice, do you think there is a need for a Scotland regional section on here?
Yes why not el ch makes sense have you picked up yours yet?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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