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2016 CLA 250 4matic
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To whom it may concern,

This is the obituary for Miley Cirrus. 2016 Cirrus White CLA 4matic with 50K miles. This preowned car was bought 3/2020 with 39K mileage right before the thick of the pandemic. I was looking for a deal and boy...did I ever get one!?

The sticker price was $16K and I could not pass up on the deal after the test drive. Match made in heaven, even though I did have to finance it. Moving along, the relationship began rocky at first when a rodent was found in my AC Vac. But it was smooth riding from there on out. To say this car is "peppy" does not do it full justice. In sport mode, it employs you to keep your foot on the pedal, passing by all (unknowing) challengers on the freeway. In fact, I used every driving mode there was depending on the situation. Gladly would start my trip in comfort, then turn to sport just as I hit the highway, or eco mode during the NYC traffic. Apple CarPlay is a godsend. The Harmon Kardon system gets a B. This car always felt alive, the safety systems (mainly double beep when you're not looking at the road) absolutely saved me. Blind spot was not annoying either. It was like she was always looking out for me. The more I drove the car the more appreciation I drew just to be able to roll around in style...and quickly. The 1st generation body of CLA will go down as one of the most unique Mercedes stylings. Sure the 2nd generation is a beauty, but there's no comparison to the aggressive styling that the 1st gen offers. It's a true GEM. Never gave me any issues. The CLA absolutely fits the coupe niche in my opinion and the sporty feel of the car sets it apart from the A and C class. I would argue some trims of the C/CLA class are on even plane now.

Unfortunately, my car was fully submerged during Hurricane Ida and is a total loss. The funny thing is that this car appreciated tremendously in value, as it was just estimated to be $25,000 in this savage used car market. I do not think I will be getting the CLA again as mine was optioned very well and I do not want a car payment this time around. So even if I may be lurking around the forum, this is a farewell.

A HUGE THANKS to this amazing forum. I was able to reset transmission and learn a ton of facts about the CLA. Good reads and good info everywhere.

Best Regards,
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