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Hey guys,

I was one of the first in Canada, maybe even the states to give a deposit back in January on this car. Well I'm sad to say that I am going to get it back. I am taking delivery tomorrow of a brand new 2013 320i Xdrive with premium and lighting pack. I got a deal to good to pass up thanks to some connects. I received 6% off MSRP and an extra 1500$ for my trade in. All said and done I'm paying an extra 30$/month compared to my present Mazda 3 !!!

Anyway, I still think the CLA is a beautiful car, work of art ! I sincerely hope you all find happiness with this car and that it works out for you. Looking forward to seeing it on the road !

Who knows...maybe one day !

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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