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Share your car and delivery Date Here...

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Hey guys. Lots of different dates floating around so I thought it would be good to share.

I was first in line at a big sydney dealership and first to pay remaining deposit. Even though this is the case. I was originially told OCT build with DEC delivery. Lets share with each other as I have heard of other members getting it sooner but I wasnt promised one of the first customer cars on the road. Lets share the following

Build Date
Delivery Date

for me


Whats yours?
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Nice topic.. but I would go a little further with info.

Mine is..

Model : CLA200
Color : Patagonia Red
Line : AMG package
Country : Netherlands
Area : Rotterdam
Build date : January 2014
Del. date : february 2014

Because of the long wait I will recieve a temporary lease CLA180 Urban Line in polar silver in September.

p.s. sorry just saw that this topic is in the Australia section. Not the general one :smile:
I use the active topics button to see what new on this forum.
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