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Hi guys,

It seems a lot of us are moving through the transition from having a deposit in to actual dates been released from MB.

Will be good to get an idea from people all over the world the dates they are been given.

Mine currently

Build Date - 11/09/13
Delivery - 11/11/13 - Dealer is confident will be more like Late OCT but 11/11 is in system
Sydney Australia

What have you seen in the system or been promised?


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Build Date - Second 10 days of November
Delivery - Late January
Mercedes of Seattle, USA

Options below

650 Cirrus White (I might chnage this, still undecided)
801 Black Leather
H79 Aluminum trim
P01 Premium Package $2,200
232 : Garage Door Opener
249 : Driver's Side & Interior Auto-Dimming Mi
518 : Media Interface
536 : SIRIUS Satellite Radio
581 : Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control
810 : harman/kardon Sound System w/Dolby 5.1
873 : Heated Front Seats
P25 AMG Driver's Package $2,800
U70 : Red Brake Calipers
251 : Delimitation of top speed
492 : Performance Suspension
P34 Exclusive Package $1,500
U21 AMG Performance Exhaust $450
U71 DVD Coding
V94 Speed load index
104 Rear Deck Spoiler $300
235 PARKTRONIC (with Advanced Parking Assist $970
281 AMG Performance Steering Wheel $510
320 Multimedia Package $2,370
218 : Rearview Camera
512 : COMAND System w/ Hard-Drive Navigation
413 Panorama Sunroof $1,480
555 AMG Performance Seats $2,250
787 AMG 19" Multi-Spoke Black Wheels $850
880 IR Summer Open/Close in Driver Door
997 Driver Assistance Package $2,500
22P : Lane Tracking Package Code
234 : Blind Spot Assist
476 : Lane Keeping Assist

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Outsider same order except color ? That's great lol

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One car already in RED so no more changes.

The other is still GREEN with October build date so I can still make changes once I see the color and interior in person on the CLA250s.

My concerns:
1. Interior finish on a base CLA45 may not be acceptable. The pictures AlexG took are all with leather and MB stitched dash and door top.
2. Still debating whether it is worth $4570 to get the back up camera ( multi-media + Premium package ) - since I have ordered neither and you can't get multi-media without premium package.
I need to sit in the car and see for myself.
3. Are there other colors to really consider other than white and grey ?

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While all of you guys are giving all these sexy build dates etc; I'm sitting here with my hand up my arse dreaming of receiving a Order number. Now getting the build date that'd take a miracle for me :p (Will add a build date etc if I ever get one knowing my dealership :p. Tried to make a funny post don't know if I succeeded or not)

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Order Placed: 8/8/13
Location: Chicago, Ill (2nd order at the North Ave dealership location)
Build Date: ?
Delivery Date: Q1 of 2014

650 - Cirrus White
649 - 18" 5 spoke
U70 - Red Brake Calipers
P60 - Night Styling
H79 - Standard Trim
808 - Ash Grey
413 - Pano Sunroof
P01 - Premium Package

Trying not to think about the fact I won't have this car for another six months. Glad to have found this forum, though.
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