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2015 CLA 250 4Matic Engineered by AMG
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I have a 2015 '65 CLA250 with the NTG5.0 audio interface.

I've followed the instructions to try and get my phone (Iphone X - and have tried Iphone 13) to share a data connection however each time it displays that a connection is unavailable and i am "offline" (as per image attached). Car does not have apple car play unfortunately just the two standard USB sockets in the armrest.

Phone is connected and recognised by the car for phone calls & bluetooth music sharing.

I'm trying to access the internet radio if possible!

What am I doing wrong, doing my head in :)


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does not look like the comand system
search for the engineering / dealer menu access sequence
might be an option / function toggle
tho for ntg5 might need to bug a dealer tech to release the menu access if its locked
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