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In S California, particularly in the Los Angeles area (Westside or Southbay) MB does some sort of testing of all the new models, they are un badged but not covered to hide anything. I have seen every new model prior to the actual release to the dealers, many times having to chase them because I think they know when that are being followed. One day 2 weeks ago I happened to pull into a Jack in the box parking lot, as I entered the drive through, there it was with a techie type person standing next to it, which I immediately stop to check it out. The car was stunning, as I walked around it, noticing the details of the stance, carbon fiber trim and exhaust, it was clearly the AMG. I asked the young man knowing he would not divulge the make or model, he neither confirmed or denied it was the CLA45 AMG, but by the expression on his face said everything.

I have access to a PDF file that the dealers use for ordering the CLA to include all other 2014 models. If anyone is interested, let me know?
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