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Used and in excellent condition, with a quick 15 minute plug and play using a wiring harness connected to 3 sensors, contrary to popular belief the Racechip GTS Black does really add a noticeable amount of power/torque to the car. Great for those not looking to go down the path of an ECU tune due to warranty or fears of engine damage. I’m selling due to getting an ECU tune recently to take full advantage of my other mods.


I've personally worked with the RaceChip support team and techs to have it configured to just the right maps for optimal performance (there are a total of fine-tune 7 mapping levels): Eco = 2, Sport = 4 and Race = 6. We didn't want to go to level 7 just to be sure there is absolutely no chance of inadvertent engine issues like CEL's or even damage.


The RaceChip also has BT mobile app (iOS and Android) support to control the settings.

I paid originally AU$1,100 for it but am open to reasonable offers. These are nowadays going for upward of AU$1,200. I would prefer local pickup, but will post within Australia or internationally at buyer’s expense.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me.


RaceChip GTS Black Specs and Features:
• 7 fine tuning mappings
The GTS Black is supplied with the right map for your engine. 7 fine tuning mappings (selectable by Digital User Interface) allow you to choose a map to suit your mood or the engine characteristics.


• Up to 15% fuel savings
The GTS Black increases the torque available and efficiency at the given engine speed. Therefore a higher gear can be selected, less gear-changing is necessary in general, and fuel is used more efficiently. Fuel consumption can be cut by up to 15% as a result.


Engine warranty GTS Black:

  • Major engine components covered
  • Max. reading: 100,000 km
• 1x re-programming (if you change your car)
1x re-programming included if you change your car. Re-programmings are possible up to 24 months after purchase.

• Warm-up timer
GTS Black activates only when the engine has reached operating temperature, meaning extra protection.

• App control (iOS/Android)
As one of the first international chip tuning companies, RaceChip has developed a combination of chip tuning and app. This lets you customize your vehicle's performance characteristics like never before. The combination of chip and app works easily via Bluetooth or your smartphone.

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