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I think I can chime in here,

I've had it for a couple of months now,

To some people who expects a lot of stuff from a car screen,

We are talking about a car part, remember that stickers for cars go for $100. So to get a big touchscreen that supports all your original stuff for around 400-500$ is a real bargain.

So i am not sure what some people expects from it,

It has a nice dash menu, it has all the original features, it plays video,movie from USB, works with google maps(my only complaint as it is sometimes not accurate in location), works with my bluetooth and wifi + it lets you browse websites on a browser. I've had no problems with my bluetooth sound quality.

To expect anything other than these features is a big mistake anyways, it is not an iPad so you can't just detach and play clash of clans. It is a car screen , obviously it won't/can't have an AMD Ryzen 1700x with a 32GB ram and a 1080 GTX graphics card. It is as fast as the original screen.

Yes it would've been nice to have more features and yes it is not perfect but to expect a laptop performance from a car screen is absurd.
I hardly think we're expecting a laptop performance. But slowing down after a few hours? That just sounds like a cheap Chinese tablet in my book. Like one of those iPad knockoffs. But then again, that is essentially what this is though.
A cheap Chinese clone tablet that has hardware and software to support car's native functions.

Now, the sticker comment. That's the reason that third party manufacturers exist. Or even third party distributors that get the exact same parts from the same factory, but sell it at much less of a mark up.
It's like getting service done at the dealership vs an indie. You cannot honestly say that an indie is always worse than dealership in terms of service. In fact, I'd say there are more problems with dealership service than indie many times.
I think people were hoping this would be something along those lines in that it'd be a high quality tablet sold by a Chinese or whatever company that is able to sell it at a lower markup than MB or whatever big companies can due to not having to worry about making a car or running TV ads or anything like that.
BUT obviously it just turned out to be something I mentioned in the beginning, a cheap Chinese clone tablet that has hardware and software to support car's native functions.
So I'd say it is quite disappointing.

In case I was not clear enough in my wording, it's like buying Safeway brand tissues rather than actual Kleenex; you don't expect Safeway brand to be exactly the same, but at least on the same level. But in this case it's like the Safeway brand tissues just dissolved after sitting in storage for a few hours.
Just a thought.
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I’m with Emir on this; mine has been working very well and I’ve never felt any slowdown even in an 8 hour road trip with the audible app running the whole way.

Mirror link works great with my iPhone and the Spotify app is awesome (ymmv on Android) Comparing it to my home computer it’s a pretty shitty pc but compared to the stock system its 50-100x better especially with an upgraded home screen launcher to unlock full value and customization.

Some tips:
1. Install an aftermarket launcher for the best UI
2. Get Spotify and/or Amazon music
3. Download swift keyboard and kill the default Chinese one.

I can’t imagine going back to a non-android system but next time I’d look for one with room for more on-board apps. I’ve got a launcher, audible, amazon music, Spotify and a few others and it’s pretty much full.

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Hello everybody!
I have this android car unit and it seems I have not the newest software on my device because of I can not control the brightness in the settings for example. Is there any possibility to upgrade the software? I bought my unit from a private seller at ebay so I have not any support. Maybe some of you guys get an upgrade from the original seller car life Mall? That would be very cool :)
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