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So when all is said and done, I'd really only like to finance $15K. I plan on putting down $10K and getting $10K for my trade. That puts me at $35K. The car I built on MB's site was just under $38K - not counting title, taxes, and tags of course. I'm hoping there's room for negotiation (and I'm also hoping my dad will chip in some). Does anyone know if MB offers a military/gov discount of any kind? Anyway, the options I chose were: sports package, xenon headlamps, panoramic roof, premium package, and blind spot assist. Here are some of my questions:

1. Do we know how much extra it will cost to swap out the sports package wheels with the black multi-spoke AMG wheels? Ideally, it would be great if it were an equal swap but I know that probably won't be the case. In either instance, I wouldn't mind waiting a few months after launch to be able to swap out wheels.

2. Does the standard CLA come with performance tires or is this a feature of the sports package? Do we have the option to choose all season tires? Basically, I'm trying to gauge whether I'll need winter tires. I think the AMG model comes standard with performance tires. Not sure though. If the standard CLA is designed to be more practical (i.e. FWD and eco start/stop), I don't know why it would also be equipped with performance tires.

3. Rear view camera. Is this option only available though the multimedia package? If so, that's a shame. I think someone on here said the rear view camera is a must-have given the CLA's poor rearview visibility. I wish MB offered more flexibility with being able to choose individual elements from the Premium and Multimedia packages, but I know with luxury cars that's not the case. Really the only thing I care about in the Premium package is the upgraded audio system.

4. What exactly is the night package? Will it be available on the standard CLA after launch or just the CLA AMG? Is there an option to at least tint the windows, perhaps through MB aftermarket?
1. The 16 spoke 19" black rim is an CLA45 only option at this time for $850. Think there is a 14 spoke black 18" rim perhaps for the edition One cars.
2. The Sport Package 18" and the standard 17" rims both get run flats likely all season for the 17" and summer tires for the 18". Not sure.
3. Stand alone option in Europe but not in US. Yes, it's a shame...
4. Night Style Package I believe include the blacked out rear windows, black splitter, door sill trim, defuser trim, mirrors and window trims. Also get blacked out exhaust tips. All for $750.

Best deal mentioned on Forum is around $1000 off MSRP.
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