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Test drove a amg 220 cdi today

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So the call finally came that my dealer had there demo in, having placed my order for an amg45.

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I did not do a through enough test drive but my key comments would be as follows:

First impressions of the car is WOW, the photos just don't droit justice there are lots of little details you just can't really take in from the photos. The car has real presence and parked next to my 2012 a5 it made my car look dated.

Interior - overalls very impressed it feels like a special place to sit with a very good layout. The only thing I wish is for mercedes to dope the phone number buttons as that did look a bit messy and clustered. All the switches had a good quality feel. Yes there are a few signs of cost reduction like the glove box have a cheap plastic feel compared to the dash which has soft plastics.

Seats - very good with a good amount of lateral support yes it's not a full recaro but you feel held in place and they are very comfortable. The rear leg room is a bit restricted if the drive is over 6 feet but again it's a nice place to sit with the two main seats being contoured.

AMG 45 boys - the seats as shown in New York are definitely standard which put a huge smile on my face. This was confirmed as they ordered their a45 amg today and the only seat option is full leather not a change in seat, pics were also shown confirming this. This put a huge smile on my face.

Driving - unfortunately I was not able to get onto any flowing B roads as I was in London, however body control was good yes it not on par with a sports car but its nice a balanced and created confidence. The seating felt nice and sharp the rack is certainly shorter than my a5. Brakes, these were excellent with the fronts being drilled I did not notice any fade when I really pushed the car. In terms of ride this was a massive improvement over my a5 being a lot softer but not to the detriment of the control.

Engine - I won't say to much on this coming from a modern v6 turbo, which was always going to make the car feel slow and unresponsive. The engine is refined and felt solid in the power band.
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looks like youre in euro. i hope the us version comes with those seats standard!
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Did it in februari.. Loved the quality of everything.. except the noise of the diesel engine!
I actually got a chance to test drive the CLA after the NY Auto Show. The car is incredible, from the interior to the exterior. The drive of the car is awesome as well; very responsive and the turbo definitely gives the car the boost it needs.
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