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Some of the most sought-after colours in special makes/models have been offered in "purple" (Esprit, NSX, Diablo, M3, Exige, Prowler, Rolls Wraith, Challenger/Charger, etc) and now CLA.

The Northern Lights Violet CLA would look sophisticated w/ Ash leather-interior & black Ash trim, sporty w/ black leather-interior & polished aluminim-trim, and luxurious in brown leather-interior & anthracite-trim (or brown Ash trim).
I am going with the Northern Lights Violet with ash (light grey) interior. After watching the video in which you can watch the car on the road in the various colors, the violet just looked very classy and different. I've been watching cars recently, and almost all of them are either white or grey . . . . I was hoping for a nice dark blue, but it's not available!
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