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Discussion Starter #1 (Edited) CLA 250 Turbo Upgrade - $1495.00 is pleased to release our CLA 250 (C117) Turbo Upgrade. Constructed of billet aluminum, our 59mm compressor wheel is 5-axis CNC machined and flows an impressive 36+ lbs./min. With HP and TQ gains both in the 80-100 range, the power band continues beyond 4500 RPM where gains in excess of 125 HP and TQ are achieved. This turbo spools like stock, creates great power, and pulls all the way to redline! Close attention to our turbo wheel dimensions offers a margin of safety for your motor/transmission.

The CLA250 is a great daily driver, however, it lacks in the power department. Even with a Stage 2 package the factory turbocharger is "tapped" out. After extensive R&D, has achieved the “impossible”- a turbocharger upgrade that will give the CLA250 a stronger power band without sacrificing low-end power. You can’t find that elsewhere!

After collaborating with AMR on this fun project, we’ve developed a software upgrade to complete this package and give your vehicle the "worry free" power increase you've been looking for.

Because we start with a factory CLA 250 Turbocharger, there are no custom oil or water lines to leak, no special couplers or gaskets to track down, and our Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade and High Flow CAT Pipe bolt right on! The install process is just like the factory ordered.

Key Features:
5 Axis CNC Upgraded Compressor Wheel for More Flow
Upgraded 11 Blade Turbine Wheel for More Flow
Ported Exhaust Maniold for More Flow
Ported Exhaust Housing for More Flow
Upgraded Wastegate Actuator
Rebuilt with new bearings and balanced for smooth operation
100% Bolt on installtion

+80-100 Wheel HP / +80-100 Lb Ft of Wheel Torque

Supported Platforms:
2014+ CLA 250 FWD & 4Matic
2014+ GLA 250 FWD & 4Matic
2013+ A250

Turbo Specific Tune Required. Select the AMR ECU Flash Option for a plug n play experience - $899.00

*** These gains were done on 93 octane.
*** Available for 91 octane as well.

The price listed does not include a core charge. You have 2 options 1) Pay the core charge, the Turbo Upgrade will ship to you, an RGA# and shipping instructions are sent for your core return. Once received, the core is inspected and your account will be credited upon approval. Or 2) Do not pay the core charge when you place the order. We will send you a RGA# and shipping instructions for your core to be sent in, it will be inspected, approved and given the treatment, then shipped back to you. There is no core refund with option 2, as no core charge was collected. Thank you.



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