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I've probably spent 40 to 50 hours researching the various exhaust system types (Pros/Cons/Price) and find it difficult to spend the money on a single muffler variable system for $2000+. The muffler and valve alone cost roughly $1100. Paying an additional $1000 on some stainless piping and tips seems a little excessive.

That lead me to Varex and their variable muffler technology. Basically it is the same thing offered in the Armytix kits but with the valve inside of the muffler. My first question has anyone used or done any research on this muffler? They do not make a system for the CLA but with a little bit of equipment selecting and some fabrication I was thinking a system like this could be done for around $1300 installed.

My thought was a 3" pipe from the cat back to a 3.5" expander right before the muffler then either a single 2.5" outlet to one side of the rear and having the other side setup with a dummy outlet OR go with a 3.5" outlet Y-split into 2 x 2.5" pipe going to either side of the rear.

The reason for the 3" to 3.5" expander is that the muffler does not come with a center inlet connection so the inlet pipe would need an extra 2 bends before going into the muffler. Expanding the pipe size should offset the back pressure increase from the bends
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