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Hello All -

I put a a set of Vredestein Quatrac Pro (All Season) 225/40/18 XL Y's on my 2015 CLA 250 4Matic (base model, with nice extras)... I did a lot of research and my hope was that these new tires would reduce the road noise experienced in the cabin from what I assumed mostly came from the Pirelli P Zero Nero's All Season (regular, not RF's) that were the original (and a replacement set on the front) when I ordered the car. The Pirelli tires were the same size 225/40/18R XL

The original P Zero Nero front tires had to be replaced at just under 23,000 miles as they were wearing unevenly - MB said the car needed an alignment. So the fronts were replaced with the same Pirellis (I wanted to switch to different tires suspecting they were causing the cabin noise, but didn't want to replace all four), alignment was done... Noise remained as it was.

Now, a few years later, at just under 40,000 miles the fronts needed to be replaced again - uneven wear (of course another alignment is recommended). I do not drive the car hard, at least not hard enough to wear out two sets of front tires in under 40,000 miles. The Pirelli fronts were down to 4/32 of tread, the original rears still had 7/32... and my original brakes still have a good amount of meat on the pads at 40,000 miles.

I've got to say - The drive home from the installer was great!!
Heavy rain, dark, on a mix of highway and 'surface' roads... When I turned the sound system down, all I could hear was the wiper blades going back and forth... hardly any wind noise, but no audible tire sounds at over 60mph (or at any other speed)!!! I didn't expect that it would be this good, but... Wow!

The ride seems a bit 'softer' - at least road seams and potholes do not seem to be as jarring, but the tires seem to be at least as responsive as the Pirellis were when I pushed them a bit this afternoon. These tires are in the 'Grand Touring' category, but also the UHP (Ultra High Performance) group...

I know road noise is an issue for many of us... so, after only two days of driving on them ( a bit premature, yes) I certainly can say the Vredestein Quatrac Pros are a huge improvement.

Stay safe!
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