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I recently purchased a previously owned 2014 CLA with 87K miles on it. Upon purchase, the thermostat and water pump were replaced due to the tstat being stuck in the open position, and the pump not generating enough force.

New genuine MB pump and tstat installed on 12/8/19. Car seemed to run ok, but about a week later, the temperature would quickly rise when highway driving at low rpm. Temp would quickly "jump" up to 120, just on the verge of the red zone. No warnings appear on the dash. If I forced a downshift, the temperature would quickly drop back to between 90 and 100. Temperature stays consistent in range while idling (did this for 1.5hrs), and stays in range during "stop and go" driving conditions at higher rpm.

MB of Scottsdale road tested the vehicle, and ran diagnostics (no codes or data leading them to a problem). They are suggesting that the tstat must be defective, and are recommending replacing.

I'm currently scheduled to have my mechanic replace the tstat, as MB will not replace under warranty, as it was not originally purchased through MB.

Has anyone had a similar issue, and found a different root cause?
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