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Well, after all it looks like is the 20th

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Well Mercedes finally gave us a clue of the launch date, here it is.


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Yeah I picked up on that too. (For the USA CLA250) Thanks @mbusa instagram!
I have known that its been Sept. 20th for awhile now!!
I have known that its been Sept. 20th for awhile now!!
Well, thats good for you but many were saying the 20th, the 23rd and some even october thats why i decided to post it
I put a deposit on mine. Is it possible I can purchase prior to? My dealership hasn't given me an official date yet, but I'm so excited!
You know what they say about the 20th of every month? right?
Well I have the date to pick up mine! It's sept 25th, the car will be arriving on 20th and I can pick it up on 25th! Unfortunately I'll be out of town for vacation and I'll be back to pick it up on 27th! I'm really excited!
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Spoke to salesrep at Princeton MB and he said they are getting them on 16th.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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