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What N/A equipment or feature you want on the CLA? Something that you'd gladly & willingly pay for in terms of its inclusion in an optional package and/or stand-alone option!

For me, it'd be cooled/ventilated seats. Texas. Leather/MB-Tex. Need I say more!?! :eek:

For novelty, I'd love to have H.U.D. (Heads-Up-Display) showing basic driver-info! :cool:

And let's also add a beverage-cooler in the center-armrest area. Again, Texas. Need I say more?!? :eek:

Lastly for wow-factor, some telemetry info/data on the LCD would be very cool. It'd be cool to have a digital chronograph, G-meter, oil/water temps, boost-gauge, etc all displaying in the factory LCD!

Ok, so while I'm at it- why not an all-glass roof (non-opening) w/ electro-chromatic dimming/shading!

I've never tried factory massage-seats on any vehicle (sat in them, but never activated them). How well do they function? :p
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