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Ok, I sold my C32 AMG several years ago, and have put 200k miles on the replacement (truck) but now I have the itch to get back into a new(er) nicer M-B. Since MBWORLD talked me out of the C63 AMG, there also happens to be a 2010 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL550 4MATIC 2dr Coupe for sale in my town but it is at one of THOSE used car dealers ( you know, the ones that strive to exceed all of the worst stereotypes). There is no way I am going to trust anything this dealer says, but it's still a CL550 that I don't have to go to Chicago for...

It seems to tick most of my "wants" (v8, awd, under 100k miles, under 20k...)

Sooooo I need a cheat sheet on what to look for and what to look out for. I know the obvious answer is "read the forums new guy!!" and I get it, but there is so much going on with buying an 9 year old CL that I am worried I might miss something critical and "oops, you now need to spend $10k to fix this" so please take pity on me.
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