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You can raise the HP in any car. The real question is what did they have to do to accomplished it? Bigger turbo? Bigger intakes? What other internals did they have to beef up to increase the HP reliably? 335hp from a 2.0l is impressive but, to me, its the amount of boost on the turbo from the factory that really catches my attention. A tune on a turbocharged car typically increases boosts the pressure from the turbo in order to obtain any real hp gains -- that's why tunes for NA cars don't yield hp gains as impressive as tunes on turbo cars. Anyway, 26lbs of pressure is A LOT and I cannot imagine pushing the OE turbo much harder without doing more to the car for any real power gains. I'm not saying it can't be done -- I don't know -- but I'd be very surprised to see a massive jump in hp from a typical Stage 1 software tune.

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