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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to get some thoughts/opinions on the 250's power.

A little background first:
-I'm in my mid 30's
-Currently have a stock '08 Civic which has a whopping 140HP
-Looking for more luxury and performance

I recently test drove a Mercedes B-Class to get an idea of what the engine/transmission would feel like on the CLA 250. To be honest, I left feeling a bit disappointed. I really expected the car to provide a more exhilarating ride than i was used to with my Civic, and it didn't. I know its only 68 more horsepower but I thought the turbo/torque would make a significant difference.

A few months ago I test drove a BMW 328ix and remember coming away from that with more of a "wow" feeling when laying into the gas peddle. I know it's a totally different car from the B-Class but they are both 2.0 liter turbos.

So, was it the fact that it was a higher sitting B-Class hatchback that performs and feels different than a sedan? Am I expecting to much from CLA 250? Should I wait until it's released to do a proper test drive? Or simply bite the bullet and get the AMG version?

The AMG 45 would definitely exceed my budget but is possible. Then oddly enough, I would be concerned that it would have too much power! lol. Honestly, I've never driven a 350+ HP car and wonder if it would be total overkill as a daily driver? As a mid 30's family man, driving like a maniac is not on my priorities list. However, I do enjoy some "safe" spirited driving occasionally.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Its going to be a mid 6 second car 0-60

This is considered "quick." It all depends on the delivery and ECU programming. Im sure the B class is coded very differently.

The CLA should be around the performance of the 320i or the A4/A5 2.0T

Its nothing super special, but it will be plenty for an every day car.

If you want the look and the speed you have 2 options:

ECU tune the car. The A250 has a few tunes that get it over 270 HP and under 6 seconds 0-60 putting in line with Ford's Focus ST and 328i among others.

Or get the AMG 45 and smoke BMW M3's off the line, but dont let them catch you after 40 mph, cause you're toast.
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