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Just spoke with my dealer at NYC.
The car comes from the factory without tinted windows.
Tinting is done at the dealership at the time of sale.
No idea of cost.
This is not legal in Europe, so I can imagine Mercedes not offering this option.
I dont know what tinting costs aftermarket in the US, but the factory option is €266. Or is in the Night package for €424.
Still waiting for an answer from my US dealer. I'm not sure if it's a country regulation thing because I remember when I got my honda crv tinting at a tinting factory they told me how dark I can go for front and rear windows. And apparently depending what car/model you have the lighter/darker is determined. Not sure what the logic is there.. but maybe they won't dark the front windows if mercedes is on that list of "no no's". hmm....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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