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I'm new to this forum. I have been looking for a new luxury/sport performance car or a few months. I currently drive a Buick LaCrosse, like it alot, great reliability, but I want to move up a bit. I do want to stay with front wheel drive. I know, handling suffers, but we get too much snow in Wisconsin. My first car was a 1968 GTO, and the winters were horrible. Yeah, tires and suspension improved greatly since then, but still, wanted to stay with front wheel drive. All-wheel drive is a possibility, but costs more and decrease gas mileage a bit.

I test drove the Lincoln MKZ, I like the exterior front and back styling, but the sides are too flat and wide. Interior is nice, but the console between the driver and passenger seats is too tall, feels a bit too tight. Test drove the Lexus ES350. Beautiful ride, beautiful interior, but the exterior is boring. The Lexus IC is better, but again don't want rear wheel drive.

I have always liked the European cars,but few if any had front-wheel drive. Then I found the CLA and with the GREAT styling and the price point, seems the car for me. OK, I haven't test drove it yet. Only this week, the cars are arriving in Milwaukee for test drives, so I'll sign up soon. But I have sat in the one they received, and I love the exterior lines, beautiful, and love the interior. Not sure yet if I'll get the pana roof or not. I'll have to try a test drive with one. I plan on buying mine in Spring.

Anyhow, I'm glad I found the forum. It will keep me up to date on the users' experiences.

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